Monday, April 2, 2012

Not good...

I know I have been really bad at keeping this updated.  I thought I definitely had to get on today to wish Cameron a happy birthday.  I failed to think of anything amazing to embarrass him with at school today. 
It is holy week in case you don't know.  I grew up in the Lutheran church and they went all out with the lent stuff.  I have mixed feelings about that now.  I'm excited everyday about Christ's resurrection.  Thank you Jesus.for dieing for me!  I love you for that.  Thank You for raising yourself from the dead!   I worship You for that!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


The redneck stampede was a blast.  Im not sure of the ministry value of the night but it was a lot of fun.  No one died and no one got arrested.  In youth ministry usually consider that a success.  The teaching was about the original redneck Esau.  I got the idea from T.J.  It could have been a meaningful talked but it ended up dragging on because of lots of distractions.  I spoke the Word.  It won't return void, but sometimes you wonder if anyone heard anything or if it meant anything.

Got to bring in some firewood with Cameron's dad today and meet Cameron's grandparents.  I can see where Cameron inheritted his amazingness from.  Although I did beat him in madden again last night! 

Tomorrow grandma Pam got us tickets for another play at GBPAC.  I'm not sure what to expect but we are going.  Then I should probably study I the afternoon.  I have lots of reading to do.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I might be a redneck

So I was doing some research for our Redneck Stampede tomorrow night.  I was looking up you might be a redneck jokes.  Is it bad if about half of them pertain to me?  I think what sealed up my redneckedness was when I turned two toilets into racing carts today.  You might be a redneck if you do that, and I did.  I did spend more on my education than on my hunting dog though.  Although, the education I have isn't really helping me anymore so I guess i should have saved that for a hunting dog.  The education I am getting now costs me the same amount as the dogs I have.  I hope the education is more useful than the dogs.

I think tomorrow night will be a bl

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not Herd from in a While

It has been a busy time.  I have been absent from blogging for several days.  We are doing well.  CAMRY is gaining weight and Annie is losing weight.  They are both beautiful.  Annie and I celebrated our 9th anniversary last Thursday.  Boy did that time fly!  Five kids later we are still madly in love. 

Student Connection stuff has been going well.  We have been learning and growing together.  180 just concluded about a 6 month study of the book of John.  It has been quite a journey.  Next week are going to learn some apologetics.  These kids are faced with the world every day and the need a ready defence for the hope that is inside them.

The middle schoolers are doing pretty well.  We are also studying John but are quite a bit behind 180.  We just got through chapter 14 tonight.  We learned a lot about the Holy Spirit.  Very cool!

Tomorrow is MOPS so I will have as many as three kids to watch in the morning.  If the weather cooperates I will be straightening light poles with Scott.  If bad weather I will be doing homework.  Started my new class on Daniel and Revelation this week.  I hope I learn a ton!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day Off... kind of

It is spring break so we didn't have herds today.  I cleaned all of the cat smell out of our garage and then Camry had her 2 week appointment.  She has gained a good amount of weight.  The doctor was very pleased.  We don't have to take her back for a monh and a half!

Tomorrow is our 9th wedding anniversary.   We got each other the board game Stratego.  My brother Seth will be extremely jealous.  We used to play the game constantly at the babysiter's house when we were little.  Annie loves board and card games.  I pretty much hate all off them unless I am guaranteed to win.  However, I love Stratego.  I think it will grow on Annie.  I do like Farkle also and Yahtzee is okay.  I must enjoy dice games somewhat.

I am not sure how we will celebrate tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure the girls will make us lots of cards and 'snacks.'  They are so sweet.

Friday some students and I are attending a conference in DesMoines.   It should be a blast.